You Were Meant For Great Things

Your body wasn’t built for sitting in a desk chair. It definitely wasn’t built for running on a hamster wheel day after day. At CrossFit Nordeast and CrossFit Linden Hills, we believe fitness is about improving your health inside the gym, so you can fully explore life outside it.

We’re here to expand your world, one workout at a time. We lead with experience and instinct, helping you listen to what your body is telling you. Then, we help you live outside the box, opening your world by showing you just what you’re capable of.

Finally, we believe in aiming higher, not just in our own standards, but in helping you redefine and exceed your goals. CrossFit Nordeast and CrossFit LindenHills. Live Limitless.

Our Members

Our Members

Our members come from all walks of life. Among them are teachers, non-profit workers, travelers, new parents, and creative minds. Young and old. Novice and experienced. They are all here because they've made their health, the gym community and their desire to push their limits a priority. We honor that with an extraordinary commitment to their wellness.

They’re not interested in squeezing workouts in to get results as easily and quickly as possible. Instead, they workout because they want to connect with their bodies and explore new ways to be active. When they come to us, they seek training that helps them meet goals and expand their boundaries.

They are fun. They will treat you like family. They will become your support system. They will help you Live Limitless.