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Part-Time Group Coach


Requirements and duties include but are not limited to:

Adhere to all standards of behavior in coaches manual/staff playbook.
o Show leadership and professionalism at all times.
o Prepare and implement group training strategies for clients.
o Manage general administrative tasks and set the tone for each session.
o Start all classes precisely on time.
o Smile and be inviting, courteous, and fun.
Run the group workout.
o Set up the room in a way that nobody will be in danger when transitioning
between movements.
o Assign modifications as needed, considering injury status, mobility, goals,
previous training history, and skill and fitness levels.
o Supervise weight selection for workout and have clients perform 3 practice reps
of each movement. If form is lacking, scale the athlete to a more appropriate
o Maintain high energy and enthusiasm but prioritize coaching, not cheerleading.
Supervise the post-workout period.
o Upon completion of the workout, congratulate everyone.
o Remind clients to log metrics.
o Get the class started on assistance work and cool-down/mobility movements.
Focus on tissues worked that day (especially the high-volume areas).
o Perform “campfiring”: Talk to clients about things other than CrossFit. Get to
know them and find other ways to help them reach their goals.
What Would Be Awesome To Have

L1 CF certification
1+ years of coaching experience