Life-Changing Goals

You, like some of our members below, may walk in wanting to lose weight, exercise more or to start living a healthier lifestyle.

We design workouts to help guide you past your perceived limits. Then we work with you to set your next goals. Bigger goals. Seemingly-impossible-when-you-started goals.

Together, we see what that allows you to do, to feel and to conquer inside and outside the gym.

Check out the stories below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear how our members are successfully Living Limitless.

Laura N

I started CrossFit in July 2013 at the behest of one of my good friends. At first, I was leery about signing up for something that sounded hard, but finally showed up one Tuesday evening in early July for an intro class. I guess you could say the rest was history.

Cindy [a benchmark workout] was my very first WOD (Workout of the Day), and after I got home I spent about 30 minutes laying on my living floor trying to figure out what just happened. Then, I went back the next day.

CrossFit made working out fun again. The community, love and support at CFNdE has truly been life changing and I'll be forever grateful. No matter how many times I curse burpees, bear crawls or wall balls, I'll always show up to the next WOD ready to get better.

Not only have I seen a dramatic difference physically, but I've noticed a mental and emotional change as well – things a little bit harder to measure. Being proud to flaunt my muscles and callouses is something new to me and this is one transformation that has echoed across all aspects of my life.

Scott B.

I came to CrossFit quite a bit older than many. Trying to do a proper squat on that first day was an eye-opener, and the first few workouts were really tough – I simply hadn’t been pushing myself that hard on the metabolic side for years, and it showed. So I stuck with it. Small gains here and there with big improvements in mobility over time, and then the knees stopped hurting!

Kris M

CFNdE has been a key component to changing my life. I came to the gym looking to learn and just as I was getting back to being in shape since I "retired" from bike racing almost 10 years ago. I gained a lot of weight and suffered a lot of depression not being close to teammates and encouragement. I found it at CrossFit Nordeast. I also lost 23 lbs. starting CrossFit and eating like I gave a damn with RP Strength. But I think I owe you the biggest of thanks when I say I feel like I got my life back at age 50.

Kari K

The very best and/or my favorite thing about CFNdE is the bounty of continual support from all of the coaches. Since Feb, I've had to modify WODs every time I walk into the door.

Sometimes these modifications are quite different from what's programmed, but each coach, in each class takes the time to help me figure out what will work best for me, for that day. Not ONCE have I thought, "that wasn't a good workout" after a modified workout. Not ONCE! I still get in a great, challenging workout. I don't worry about it, I just get there and I know I'll have the help I need. If you want it and are committed, you'll find a way to do it and CrossFit Nordeast helped me get to that mentality.