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Sit Ups For Pups

DATE: 03/01-03/31
From anywhere! The purpose of this event is to bring awareness to the challenges that face shelter animals.

March 1 - March 31, 2020

1.2 million dogs are killed annually in the US, and that is just a best estimate from a variety of sources. It's also estimated that as many as 1,200 "pit bulls" a day are euthanized (Source). While statistics can be specious, no matter what - both of these numbers are unacceptable.

We intend to raise awareness by challenging the CrossFit and fitness community at large to accumulate 1.2 million sit ups - Hence, sit ups for pups!

Our goal is to collectively do at least 1.2 million sit ups as a fitness community in the month of March, to represent the estimated 1.2 million dogs that are euthanized every year.
That's the population of Dallas, TX. And it happens every single year.
Shelter overpopulation is a huge concern but we can all make a difference.
Adopt, foster, volunteer, advocate, educate.

This event is all about getting people involved and raising awareness, and costs absolutely nothing to enter. This is about exemplifying our mission of fostering a fit community that rallies around rescue!

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Foundation Training

DATE: 03/12
TIME: 7:30 PM-8:30 PM
LOCATION: CrossFit Nordeast

Get stronger, faster, and learn to move ... better! Prevent injury, improve your athletic performance, increase range of motion, and increase strength!

Whether you're looking to PR your deadlift or snatch, perform better in your next basketball game or round of golf, or you're just looking to feel better as you go about your daily activities, this class is designed to help you do just that.

Introduction to the fundementals of Foundation Training, this movement system creats universal strength by using muscles that are less active in modern, convenient habits and postures like sitting, driving, use of devices, & work environments. This system of strength building will supplement everything you do from walking the dog to CrossFit lifts.

Get fast, get strong, get mobile, get proactive about your physical health!

This workshop is great for all ages and abilities.

Dr. Matt Wiest from the Center of Movement is a Core Educator with Foundation Training and will be leading this workshop. For more about Foundation Training and some client testimonials here: https://www.foundationtraining.com/testimonials/