Upcoming Events

Row Movie Night

Date: Saturday, 1/19
Location: CrossFit Nordeast
Time: 4 - 6:30PM

Cinematic rowing experience!
Gather with your fellow CrossFitters and watch the latest CrossFit Games documentary "The Redeemed and Dominant"!

You and a partner row continuously throughout this sweat dripping, handle gripping film of the 2018 CrossFit Games. There will be popcorn, beer and fun times for all!

The team that rows the farthest wins glory and bragging rights!

CrossFit Nordeast Gymnastics Workshop: Beginning pulling

Time: 1:00-3:30PM
Location: CrossFit Nordeast
Date: Saturday, 01/26

Take your ring rows, pull-ups, and kipping to the next level.
This workshop will focus on the strength, skill, and mobility of the main pulling skills found in WODs.

We'll start with pull up technique and refine your strict pull-ups, working towards a long-term plan of getting stronger.

Then we'll dive into kipping pull-ups--how to do them, why to do them, and how to keep yourself strong, stable, and safe while doing them.

From there, we'll help you establish long-term goals for your pulling skills and how you'll get there. Optional side-adventures include knees-to-elbows, time permitting.


0.5-1.0 strict pull-ups (from dead hang to 90/90 or to chin-over-bar)
10-30 second active hang from bar

Cost: $50 for members