The SouthWest-Side is the best side, right? We believe it and are so excited to be able to offer the excellence of our Nordeast gym experience in the Linden Hills neighborhood.

Whether your vibe is the breweries and bridges of Nordeast or the lattes and lakes of Linden Hills we promise an exceptional gym to call your own and a community ready to welcome you with open arms.

Check out our class schedule for the CrossFit Linden Hills location. Then review our coach bios to get to know who'll be leading you through your class.

Members are guaranteed a great workout, excellent coaching and reciprocity at both locations.

Be sure to tell us about your experience, and follow the group on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know about upcoming events.

Experienced CrossFitter looking to swing by for a class?

Sign up below and come into any class that fits your schedule! One of our team members will be in contact with you in case you have questions.

See you soon!

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CrossFit Linden Hills
4420 Drew Avenue S
Minneapolis MN 55410

CFLH Drop-in

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